Why Invest in Guam

Guam is aggressively promoting investments to diversify its economic portfolio. The time to invest in Guam is now!

Connect with services and programs to help your small business start, retain or regain a competitive edge.

Your investment(s) in Guam creates tangible benefits for current and future generations of Guamanians.  You are a part of our community. 


Access programs offering assistance or training to support and stimulate business growth. 

"GEDA and our administration are committed to supporting business endeavors through government offerings, including financial assistance, tax incentive opportunities, public finance services, and real property development and management."

Honorable Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor Joshua “Josh” Franquez Tenorio

GEDA’s core mission is to nurture and grow the economic health of the island through sound investment ...

Melanie Mendiola

CEO / Administrator
GEDA Executive Management

GEDA Loan Programs

Understand your options for getting a small business loan.

Guam Development Loan Program

Loan Program

Guam Development Fund Act (GDFA) GDFA provides financial assistance through loans and loan guaranties to private enterprises and industries... Read More Guam Development Loan Program

GEDA Calendar

Stay informed with GEDA meetings and events.

Whether you’re starting a business, adding jobs or improving your business’s operations, we offer a variety of programs to help achieve your goals.

David J. John
Chairman of the Board

Economic Resources

As a member of the American family, Guam is able to offer visitors a stable and secure environment. Federal law provides local self-government on Guam, U.S. citizenship for her people, and application of the U.S. Constitution to the island. While maintaining its relationship with the United States, Guam also enjoys its strategic location as the gateway to Asia. This proximity makes travel to and from Guam quick and convenient. 

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