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IFB 21-001

Roof Repair of GEPA Operations Building 15-6101, Tiyan. (download)

RFP 21-002

Investment Advisor and Related Services. (download | Amendment 1 | Amendment 2 | Addendum 1)

RFP 20-006

For the Proposed Financing to the Chalan Pago – Ordot Municipal Planning Council, For the Construction of a Multipurpose Recreation/Emergency Center with Total not to Exceed Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000.00). (download | Addendum 1 | Closed 9/16/2020)

IFB 20-001

Roof Repair of GEPA Operations Building 16-6101, Tiyan (download | Addendum 1 | Addendum 2 | Addendum 3 | Addendum 4 | Addendum 5 | Addendum 6 | Closed 10/30/2020)

Determination of Need for Exceptional Term Contract

Lot 7166 (aka Andersen South or Marbo Base Command C), Municipality of Yigo and Mangilao, Guam (download)

RFP 20-004

Underwriter Services for the Government of Guam’s Anticipated Bond Financing Projects (download | Addendum 1 | Closed 3/3/2020)

RFP 20-002

RFP 20-002 – Lease and Development of CHamoru Land Trust Commission Property: Lot 7054-R8, Yigo, Guam (download | Closed 3/12/2020)

RFP 20-001

For Lease and Development of CHamoru Land Trust Commission Property: Tract 111, Lot 12, Tamuning, Guam (download | Closed 2/28/2020)

GEDA Travel Agency Rotation Listing

The Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) is soliciting all local agencies with a valid business license on good standing with the Department of Revenue and Taxation to participate with GEDA’s Travel Agency Rotation Listing. Interested Travel Agencies must be able to accept GEDA Travel Authorizations (TA) to process payment. (Announcement download)

IFB 19-001

Roof Repair of GEPA Operations Building 15-6101, Tiyan. (Closed 10/24/2019)

RFP 19-004

Independent Financial Services (Closed 7/31/2019)

RFP 19-003

For Lease and Development of Land Bank Trust Property: Polaris Point (Closed 8/15/2019)

RFP 19-002

Guam Public Law 35-21 Authorizes Financing from any Bank, Banks, Banking Syndicates, Commercial Lending Institutions, or Investment Funds an Amount not to Exceed the Amount Necessary to Provide Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000,000.00) for the Purposes of Financing the Layon Landfill Cell Project (Closed 6/8/2019)


Lot Apra harbor Reservation F-12-1, F-12-2, F-12-3, Polaris Point, Piti, Guam (download)

RFP 19-001

For Professional Consulting Services – Real Property Division. (Closed 2/18/2019)

RFI 19-001

Inviting all travel agency vendors to join the GEDA Travel Agency Rotation Schedule. (Closed 9/21/2018)

RFP 18-010

For Lease and Development of DISID and CLTC Property: Former Voc Rehab. (Closed 10/29/2018)

RFP 18-009

Legal Services (Closed 9/20/2018)