QCCC Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my organization eligible to apply for funding?

A: Applicant organizations must:

  • be a registered non-for-profit organizations (NPO's) operating on Guam and current with all filings with the Department of Revenue and Taxation; or
  • be a government of Guam department or agency.

Q: Who is not eligible to apply for funding?

A: Ineligible applicants include: Individuals; for profit organizations and profit-making enterprises of NPO’s; private operating foundations; fraternal, military, service clubs, or similar organizations whose principal activity is for the benefit of its members; and programs that directly benefit members of the Board or Staff of GEDA or their families to the second (2nd) degree of consanguinity.

Q: When can an application be submitted?

A: The QCCC Grant Program is an open competitive application process. Applications can be submitted during the Notice of Funding Availability period between Tuesday, November 12, 2019 and Monday, December 16, 2019 by 5:00PM.

Q:  How often can I apply for grants?

A:  Each organization may apply once for this grant cycle. For future grant cycles, priority will be assigned to organizations that were not funded in any two (2) prior award periods.

Q:  What types of projects qualify for the grant?

A:  Projects must fall within one of the following seven (7) categories and address a fundamental need in one of the seven (7) categories and show how it will improve the quality of life for the people in our community.

  • Health Care (priority to the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority and the Department of Public Health and Social Services)
  • Public Safety
  • Higher Education
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Tourist Attractions and/or Projects
  • Sports Tourism (to invest in sports facilities on the island)
  • Economic Development with a priority on the promotion of industry and small business

Q:  What is the maximum grant request?

A: The maximum grant request for this grant cycle must be no more than $50,000.

Q:  What costs can and cannot be supported by the grant program?

A: GEDA reserves the right to determine what project costs are allowable or unallowable. The following is a general guide on allowable and unallowable costs.:

Allowable Costs:

  • Short-term staffing costs
  • Advertising, publicity, promotion, marketing, printing, and publishing
  • Administration (i.e. telephone, postage, and stationary expenses)
  • Document preparation or printing
  • Capital equipment purchases
  • Capital costs (i.e. renovation of facilities, acquisition of property)

Unallowable Costs:

  • Existing, ongoing or recurring organizational costs (i.e. salaries, fees, and lease or rental payments)
  • Accommodation costs (i.e. hotels, short term vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts)
  • Conference attendance costs
  • Off-island travel
  • Costs incurred prior to the grant award

Q:  Is there a deadline to use the grant money when awarded?

A:  Yes. The Project must be completed within twelve (12) months after the grant is awarded. If such Project is not completed during this period, disbursed funds must be returned, and remaining funds will be forfeited and remain with the grant program.

Q:  Where can I obtain the Grant Application Form?

A:  The application is available on the GEDA website at www.investguam.com/qc-grants or at the GEDA Office located at 590 South Marine Corps. Drive, Suite 511, ITC Bldg. Tamuning, Guam.

Q:  How do I submit my Grant Application?

A:  There are three (3) ways to submit your grant application


Guam Economic Development Authority
590 South Marine Corps. Drive
Suite 511, ITC Building
Tamuning, Guam 96913

Q: What is the deadline for grant application?

A: Monday, December 16, 2019 at 5:00PM

Q: Can revisions be made to the grant application after submission?

A: No. If you need to add or change information, please contact us. GEDA reserves the right to decline, without review, proposals missing required information or supporting documentation.

Q: How can I check the status of my grant application?

A: If you choose to submit your grant application and supporting materials via the GEDA website or via email, upon such submission you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the grant application. If you choose to submit your grant application via hand delivery to the GEDA office, please bring in a copy of the first page of the grant application which will be stamped as received by the attendant at the front desk. Completed grant applications are considered pending review by the Grant Evaluation Committee upon submission.

Note: Our confirmation e-mails and other communications from our online submission software are sometimes routed as spam by recipients’ e-mail systems. To avoid missed communications, please add the GEDA QCCC Grants Program email: qcgrants@investguam.com to your contact list or electronic address book. Please note that this is not a monitored email address and emails should not be sent to it. We also recommend that you check your spam folder periodically.

Q: When will grants be awarded?

A: Grant awardees and organizations that were unsuccessful will be notified and/or announced within three (3) weeks after the grant deadline. If the applicant is unsuccessful, such notice will include a written explanation on the basis of the unsuccessful application.

Q: What if I have questions or need help?

A: You can email your questions to qcgrants@investguam.com or contact the grant coordinator at (671) 647-4332.

Q: How does a grant awardee publicly acknowledge GEDA’s support for the project?

A: It is a condition of the grant agreement to ensure that GEDA’s support of your project is appropriately acknowledged through any communications, promotional material, or at any events related to the funded project. A full outline of these requirements will be included in the grant agreement. The GEDA logo and guidelines for logo use will also be provided to grant awardees. To arrange for a GEDA banner to be displayed at any events related to the funded project, please contact the GEDA grant coordinator.

Q: What happens if there are changes to the project timelines or the budget?

A: GEDA understands that changes may occur. However, GEDA will not be able to upwardly adjust the grant award amount and the timeline for project completion must be twelve (12) months after the grant is awarded.

Q: What if a grantee fails to comply with the requirements of the award?

A: Grantees that fail to comply with the requirements of the award will not be eligible for the QCCC Grant Program in the future. To the extent possible, GEDA will request that any unexpended grant funds provided to the grantee be returned or grant funds awarded but not yet provided, be forfeited.

Q: When are progress reports required to be submitted?

A: Progress reports will be required at least once every six (6) months. Details of this report will be shared with grant awardees.

Q: What happens if my not-for-profit organization cannot obtain three (3) vendor quotes for requests?

A: GEDA wants to ensure that the best possible price for any purchases using grant funds are procured through a competitive process. Not-for-profit organizations shall ensure that for purchases above $15,000, three (3) vendor quotes be obtained. Please work with the GEDA grant coordinator if there are any specific issues with obtaining the requisite number of vendor quotes.