Guam has developed into a major tourist destination, an industry that provides the bulk of the island’s non-government income. Approximately 1.2 million tourists arrive in Guam each year generating approximately $1.4 billion for the economy and 18,000 jobs. With visitors from Japan continuing to provide 80% of the tourist market. Although the number of Guam’s visitors fell slightly after several disastrous world events, visitor arrivals have been steadily increasing.

  • Hotel Room Inventory as of October 2016: 8,291
  • Number of Hotels in GMRA: 26
  • Capacity in room nights: 193,688
  • Room-Employee Ratio: 1,65 (Rooms to 1 Employee)
  • Air Busan
  • Asia Pacific Airlines
  • Arctic Circle Air
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • China Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Eva Airlines
  • HK Express
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Jeju Air
  • Jin Air
  • Korean Air
  • Philippine Airlines
  • T’way Air Co., Ltd.
  • United Airlines
  • United Express, Operated By Cape Air
  • Star Marianas Air, Inc.
  • CYTD 2016 (Jan-Dec’16): 1,535,410 (*Preliminary December 2016 Visitor Arrival Summary)
  • CY 2015: 1,409,050
  • CY 2014: 1,343,092
  • CY 2013: 1,334,497
  • CY 2012: 1,308,035
  • In 2015, Guam hits 1.4 million visitor arrival mark, the highest number of tourists in any other year of the island’s tourism history.
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  • Visitor spending reached $1.6 billion in 2015, growing 6.8%.
  • In 2015, total tourism economy sales in Guam tallied $1.7 billion.
  • Visitor spending supported nearly $2.3 billion in business sales on Guam.
  • More than 20,300 jobs, with associated income of $590 million, were sustained by visitors in 2015.
  • Tourism related jobs represent 33% of total employment in 2015; 1-in-3 jobs in Guam is sustained by visitor spending.
  • Including indirect and induced impacts, tourism in Guam generated $245 million in taxes last year.

Tourism 2020 is a development plan created by the Guam Visitors Bureau in 2013 as a guide to the shared vision for Guam’s visitor industry. “ A world class, first-tier resort destination of choice, offering a U.S. island paradise with stunning ocean vistas, for two million business and leisure visitors from across the region with accommodations and activities ranging from value to five-star luxury – all in a safe, clean, family-friendly environment set amidst a unique 4,000-year old culture.”

Reason for travel based on Visitor Exit Surveys:Top reasons from 6 Visitor Profiles (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, China, & Philippines)
  • Guam’s natural beauty/ beaches
  • Pleasure
  • Short travel time
  • Relaxation
  • Shopping
  • Prior trip
  • Visa waiver
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Visit friends/family

Guam Visitors Bureau – Tourism 2020 Plan

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