The Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) 2020-2025 to reflect the current economic conditions and prioritize economic recovery strategies that address the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island.

The CEDS is a locally-based, strategy-driven economic development planning process and report designed to build capacity and guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of a region. Regions must go through a comprehensive, robust update of their CEDS at least every five years. The Guam Economic Development Authority last conducted a full update in 2020. In the years between full updates, GEDA in partnership with its strategic partners conducts a shorter, less intensive update process. Projects included in an approved CEDS qualify for Economic Development Administration (EDA) assistance under its public works, economic adjustment, and other planning programs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created widespread economic disruption throughout the nation and our island. The update to the Guam CEDS report provides an opportunity to revise existing project priorities as well as identify additional projects that will help encourage economic stability and diversification, expand our local industries and support critical infrastructure for Guam’s long-term growth and
sustainability in a manner that will prepare the island for future global or pandemic type catastrophes. Stakeholders are welcome to submit updates to existing projects identified in the CEDS 2020-2025 or propose new projects that support the economic recovery of the island by developing infrastructure, encouraging economic diversification, establishing potential new industries, expanding workforce development opportunities, or fostering cultural and sustainable management of natural resources.

CEDS project forms are available for download HERE.

Please submit project forms to [email protected] no later than Friday, March 23, 2022.

To view the existing Guam CEDS 2020 – 2025 Strategic Development Projects, Click HERE.